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How Long Does it take for HGH to Work?

Many people begin supplementing HGH either as a way to lose weight, gain muscle mass, or look younger and healthier. Everybody is different, and some people may take longer than others to see results. One person may begin to notice changes within three weeks while another person may need three months to experience the benefits of the hormone therapy.

People who get off a HGH regimen because they don’t see results generally have one of two things happening.

First, they may have purchased a weak form of HGH. This can be prevented by going through a reputable source or a website with plenty of positive customer reviews. The other reason is simply that they haven’t given it enough time to work.

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Many people want to see results in a week or two, but the lasting benefits of HGH supplementation usually don’t begin appearing until at least a month has passed, sometimes longer. Here is a pretty normal timeline of effects for HGH.

The first week

This is when a lot of users report feeling changes from increased HGH therapy. If you don’t feel any slight changes after this amount of time, don’t give up. Again, everybody is different, so the initial effects can take anywhere from one week to three weeks to begin manifesting.

On the outer edge of the spectrum, most people will feel the first effects by the end of the fourth week. If you haven’t felt effects by this time, don’t discontinue the regimen, but recheck into your source to make sure that you did in fact purchase a quality product.

Three months

This is usually the mark when all of the benefits of HGH become fully apparent. A faster metabolism, increased stamina in the gym (and in the bed), a noticeable increase in muscle mass, a tighter waistline, and tighter, more flexible skin are all effects that many people notice around this time frame.

Obviously, not all of the effects will show up for everybody. If you are not interested in getting bigger and aren’t working out, you won’t notice much of an increase in muscle mass. Just because the tools are available inside the body does not mean that they are all utilized. Running releases large amounts of natural HGH, but no marathoner looks like a body builder.

This is because a distance runner doesn’t perform any strength exercises. Despite all this however, the anti-aging effects should be apparent on everybody. Tighter, healthier skin and more energy come with any increase of HGH in the body.

Six months

Between six months and a year the HGH will start to provide maximum benefits. A transformation at the cellular level will aid in lasting stamina and overall tone and strength. HGH also benefits the immune system, so you recover more quickly and get sick less often. Athletes find that recovery from a workout only takes half the time as it normally would. By the end of a year the beneficial effects should be completely apparent.

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